Frequently asked questions and answers

(1) Is there any restriction or additional taxes to foreigner?
⇒No, so far we do not have any of above.

(2) Are foreigners able to open up the bank account?
⇒No, non-resident is not able to open up the bank account in Japan.

(3) How do I receive the payment of rental fee?
⇒ The property management will collect the rental fee from tenants, and subtract costs and taxes. We will transfer the amount to your assigned account by Japanese Yen.

(4) Do I have to go and visit Tokyo to purchase?
⇒No, as long as you have someone to sign on behalf of you.
And for Singapore, we have POA services by the Lawyer.

(5) Is there any cost until purchasing?
⇒No, we will receive the fee only at your purchase.

(6) Is it possible for Smica Create to manage the property even if bought the property through other agents?
⇒Yes, if the location and conditions match.

(7) Is it possible for Smica Create to manage only tax matters?
⇒No, we are unable to be tax agent only, since we can provide this service with low fees because works get smoother with property management.

(8) Is it possible for Smica Create to be the tax agent for company?
⇒No, it only has to be for individuals. We have three of tax accountant that we can introduce to proceed the tax agent for company.

(9) What is the starting amount on investment in Tokyo?
⇒From around 10 million yen ~ .