Our working area

Tokyo metropolitan is made by 23 special wards, and 26 cities.

Main part of Tokyo is within 23 special wards, and our working area is within the most luxury and valuable areas below.

(1) Central of Tokyo (Chiyoda, Minato, Chuo)

Those areas are where the government offices and Major companies gathered.
Residential area is limited and more for offices or commercial purposes.

Chiyoda is mostly for government offices such as in Otemachi, Chuo is where the biggest shopping district is such as Ginza, and Minato is the downtown where races mixed and up-class residential area exists as well such as Roppongi.

(2) Jyonan Area (Southern part of Imperial Palace)

Jyonan Area is well known as the luxury residential area, Doctors, lawyers, celebrities, and those people with high income prefer to stay as the area is made up for calm and nice residential area.

Jyonan area conducts 5 wards; Shibuya, Meguro, Shinagawa, Ota, and Setagaya,

(3) Shinjuku and Bay Area

Shinjyuku is the terminal station where people come across the most a day in the world. Most of parts is for commercial, and residential area is yet developing at the western side of Shinjyuku station.

Bay area is where the Olympic holds and made of reclaimed land for most of parts.
Mega-Towers with luxury public spaces and gorgeous bay view are popular.