Services of Property Management (PM)

(1) Lease Management

  • Suggestion on leasing conditions
  • Presentation of properties
  • Examination on new tenants
  • Explanation of important matters.
  • Conclude the agreements.
  • Handing over the keys to the tenant.

(2) Property Management

  • Windows for tenants
  • Deputy for collecting fees from tenants.
  • Remittance to Owner the fees deposited from tenants.
  • Deputy for concluding agreements

(3) Operation for Renewal of Contracts

  • Confirmation of the intention of tenants to renewal.
  • Suggestion and Negotiation for new rental fee and conditions of leasing.

(4) Operation for Cancelation of Contracts

  • Arrangement for cancelation
  • As the witness, confirm the handing over and receive the key back.
  • Consultation with tenant for restitution of its property.
  • Operation for Settlement of Deposit

(5) Deputy for paying taxes.

  • The local taxes payment.
  • The national taxes payment.
  • Tax return activities